What is Android ?

Android means that some various things — however within the finish it's all good!
You see the word automaton used plenty on the web, and it gets used interchangeably for a couple of various things. I am not even talking regarding robots (though some Androids may well be running on Android), I am talking regarding the mobile platform we tend to all love. and television set-top boxes. And laptops. just about everything except robots. OK, even robots.

Seriously, after we (or anyone else on the web talking regarding merchandise supported Google's operative system) say automaton we're typically talking regarding one in every of 3 various things.

The open Android
Google maintains an open-source operating system named Android. It's got all the low-level "stuff" as well because the required middleware to power associate degreed use a device, and it's freely given away to anyone World Health Organization desires to grab the code and build the OS from it. there's even a full application framework enclosed, therefore third-party apps are often designed and put in, then created accessible for the user to run as they like.

The "proper" name for this is the Android Open Source Project, and this is what people mean when they say things like Android is open and free. Android, in this iteration, is free for anyone to use as they like.
You might have splashy with this kind of automaton if you've got used custom ROMs. several third-party developers have taken AOSP and designed it as-is for well-liked phones and tablets. It's pretty bare-bones, however, will have everything you would like to power and use a smartphone. Or probably a golem.

The popular Android


There's a superb probability the mechanical man you've got before of you is not only powered by the open mechanical man — it wants some additional bits enclosed to form an awfully completely different version of the mechanical man. do not feel confused simply, however.
Whether you've got a Nexus phone or a Samsung phone or a Motorola phone or the other whole of a phone running mechanical man, all of them use a version of the mechanical man that has those additional bits. These extras are not a part of the open mechanical man, and you cannot freely distribute any of them (even it happens all the time, and customarily no one looks to be too daunted regarding it).
Your Galaxy S6 runs mechanical man. thus will your HTC M9. Or your Sony Xperia. Even your Nexus five. however, they're all terribly completely different from one another and are completely different from the open version of mechanical man — that they're ultimately supported.
But they're still the mechanical man. we wish the extras, whether or not they be the Google applications and Google Play, or the options that Samsung has additional. this can be the mechanical man we tend to all use and love.

The Android you're holding


If you are the style of a person reading regarding mechanical man on the web often, you recognize the phone you are holding may be a Samsung Galaxy S5. Or associate degree LG G3. Or no matter. except for many {people|many of us} (most people, i would wager) they're holding an associate degree mechanical man.
The same manner that a Lumia 635 may be a Windows Phone, or a BlackBerry Passport may be a BlackBerry, or perhaps associate degree iPhone 4S is associate degree iPhone, your Sony Xperia Z3V is associate degree mechanical man.
Lumping everything along is not such a foul plan. All (modern) Androids will run a similar apps, use a similar services from Google, and have our unequalled love and heart. OK, perhaps not that, however typically all mechanical mans running mechanical man as engineered from Android square measure as similar as they're completely different.

What does all this mean?


For starters, it makes things a little confusing for people not aware of it all. Google uses identical name for 2 terribly various things (and thus do we) as a result of it principally works. As customers, we have a tendency to tend to create it worse as a result of we have a tendency to wish to decision all automatons associate Android (please, not Droid.) within the finish, automaton is automaton — albeit some things are other on prime and it's a little completely different from different Androids.
  • When someone from Google takes to Twitter and says "mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git ; repo sync ; make" they are talking about one type of Android.
  • When Google (or HTC or ASUS or anyone else) triumphantly tells United States concerning however cool mechanical man is on their latest phone or pill, they're talking concerning another variety of mechanical man. Specifically, their variety of mechanical man.
  • When your friend texts you to let you know they just bought a new Android from the AT&T store, they are talking about yet another type of Android.
All Android Versions 

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